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Ancol Outside Training Line - Little Jack's Pet Supplies

Ancol Outside Training Line

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Product Description

The Ancol Outside Training Line is the perfect tool for recall training in open spaces . The dog training line is made from strong and durable nylon.

The training line is also a great tool for the socialisation of puppies, young or nervous dogs and those with behavioural issues. The long line allows you to have complete control over your dog while also giving them a sense of freedom.

The training line is available in 4.5m, 9m or 15m. All sizes can accommodate dogs up 50kg. The longer lead is better suited for larger dogs.

Top Tips

  • Attach training line (only to flat collar or harness)
  • Allow dog to wander (only a short distance)
  • Call your dog's name enthusiastically and give your recall command (be consistent)
  • Back away while encouraging your dog towards you.
  • Use the training line to reel your dog in if they are reluctant.
  • Once your dog has reached you praise and reward him.
  • Repeat until consistent and gradually increase the distance between you and your dog.
  • Once responding well, try dropping the training line and repeat as above.
  • Once your dog is consistent when the training line is on the floor, you can try removing it and repeat as above.